I believe self-realization is among the most meaningful goals a person can achieve. Through my carefully crafted eating, philosophy, and movement programs gain immediate tools that guide you to empower yourself. 
- Priya Patel

What I Do

Trauma Sensitive Yoga offers choice and invites you to observe sensations, emotions, and awareness in your own body. 


Guided eating meditation evokes sensations in your body inviting you to experience mindfulness in a whole new light. 


Dive into Yoga Philosophy beyond the mat that immediately directs you to look at patterns, mindset, and awareness. 


Eat With Intention

Eat With Intention

Connect With Intention

Connect With Intention

Flow With Intention

Flow With Intention


  • Sense and understand yourself

  • Practice managing day to day stress

  • Create and work towards goals

  • Heal and access emotions

  • Create healthy habits

  • Understand your patterns of behavior

  • Learn how to begin again

  • Be an active participant in your healing

  • Learn to feel within your own body

  • Love all the pieces of your journey

  • Discover a healthy relationship with food

  • Gain skills to let go of the past


The Intention Table was born out of my quest to break through life’s barriers. Past trauma, social, cultural, and self-imposed expectations all led me to create a false reality based on stories I wrote for myself of who I thought I was supposed to be.  


After arriving in a state of depression and disconnection I found myself at a crossroads: Either die or live.


I made the decision to be a part of my own process, choosing to LIVE and HEAL WITH INTENTION.  Using my knowledge of the sensory system, and skills I acquired from being a special education teacher, I dove into my own experience. It was then that I realized the depth of the somatic nervous system and how important it would be for healing from emotional numbness and disassociation.  


I rooted myself in activities that stimulated my body’s senses, creating opportunities to practice being present, unravel patterns of my own behavior, and excavate deep emotional wounds.


The birth of the Intention Table is to provide services that allow anyone with trauma to cultivate an open, receptive, and present relationship of self-realization through the entire body.




RYT 500