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Personal Development + Soul Growth
Meditation Teacher Certification


“Through mindfulness, we can recognize the miracle of being alive, and that is the greatest of all miracles.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh


Curated by Priya Patel
Experienced Yoga + Meditation Instructor 

Guest Instructor
Dr. Jessica Shepherd

Integrative Gynecologist +
Health Care Expert

We believe meditation is a powerful path to self-realization, presence and whole-hearted living.

In our hectic modern world, many of us are caught racing from one to-do to the next, planning this or worrying about that. We are often completely consumed by thoughts and by unconscious habits that numb us to our true experience—and to the suffering we create for ourselves and those around us.   

That led us to create our meditation certification program, Inner Sanctum. 



Join us for a dive into the 7th limb of Yoga - Dhyana - otherwise known as Meditation. Whether you want to begin leading meditation classes or to deepen your personal practice, our comprehensive training offers a powerful foundation for awareness, growth and self-discovery.


This program is not only for those who seek to deepen personal and spiritual growth, but it is an also an opportunity to build a conscious community. This program will benefit all practitioners - regardless of your level of experience.

We are excited to offer this course as a hybrid in-person AND online Training Program. Choose what is best for you! 

 Join us as we explore practices to understand the mind, gain tools to cease internal conflict, and master breathing techniques to release tension and anxiety. Discover ways to guide yourself, and others, back to the present.


 Meditation Training 100 hr Certificates given to those who complete the program.

Training Dates: Friday evenings 6-9pm / Saturday & Sundays 9am-5pm

April 8th -10th

May 13th -15th

June 10th- June 12th

July 15th - July 17th

Our modules include seminars journaling, homework and practice.

option for 1, 2 or 3 installments



  • Exploration of meditation as part of a system of self-realization.

  • Distinguishing mind flux and thinking styles

  • Philosophy and history of meditation from East

  • What Western Science has proven

  • Brain Science of meditation

  • Power of the pause

  • Cultivation of emotional intelligence: empathy, resilience, compassion

  • Techniques for visual, tactile and kinesthetic learners

  • How to develop a consistent, personal meditation practice

  • The art of teaching meditation to beginners, facilitation techniques for 1:1 and group

  • Developing class plans, teachings and the art of writing meditation scripts

  • Hands on practice: Breathing, Self-Inquiry, One-Pointed, Mindfulness, Metta,etc. 


  • Quality, in-depth instruction provided by experienced teachers

  • A thorough foundation in the practice of meditation

  • A wealth of resources, handouts, and materials to support your practice and teaching

  • Small group work and peer support

  • Continuing education credit for Yoga Instructors via Yoga Alliance

  • Mentoring from highly experienced teachers

  • 100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Certification

Your Instructors

Priya Patel:

Priya is dedicated to carrying on wisdom tradition honoring yoga and meditation as part of a pathway to self-realization. As the Director of Wellness of Sanctum Med + Wellness, she creates programs that integrate eastern practices of meditation, mindfulness and yoga philosophy with Western Science. She has spent the past 25 years helping others navigate and thrive amongst the ups and downs of life. In that time she has created a school for children with special needs, developed curriculums, founded a Well-Being and Trauma Recovery organization, facilitated trauma center trauma sensitive yoga teacher trainings, created a mindfulness product and taught over 300 weekly workshops to individuals all over the world. Her latest creation, Inner Sanctum 100 hour Meditation Teacher Certification Program is her love letter to the wisdom tradition of yoga. 

Her personal history of complex trauma and inner suffering led Priya to seek alternative to healing and living which led her to yoga. Her personal quest to break through barriers has taken across  both the United States and different parts of Southeast Asia. She has been mentored and studied with some of the world's most respected philosophers such as His Holiness the Dalai Lama to top researchers in Trauma Recovery, David Emerson and Jennifer Turner.  She brings to us a vast knowledge in yoga philosophy, mindfulness, meditation, and trauma recovery. 

Currently, Priya uses wisdom tradition and tools for self-inquiry to empower global leaders to explore their mindset, behaviors, and perceptions as an executive coach. She also works with individuals on a 1:1 basis to help them transform inner turmoil that stems from unhelpful thinking styles and beliefs.  

RYT 1000, E-RYT 500, TCTSY-F/M, Certified Meditation Instructor, Mindful Eating Conscious Living Coach and YACEP educator. 

Dr. Jessica Shepherd: 

Dr. Jessica Shepherd is a board certified OB/GYN, women's health expert and minimally invasive surgeon.  She is the Chief Medical Officer of Verywell Health and also the founder and CEO of Sanctum Med + Wellness, a wellness concierge practice and is affiliated with Baylor University Medical Center  in Dallas, TX


Dr. Shepherd is an engaging and well known media personality that is seen regularly as an expert on Good Morning America, The Today Show,  Dr. Oz, CNN, MSNBC and CBS News.  She is on the Advisory Board for Women's Health, Healthline, Women's, and It's August.


As a health care expert, she strives to educate people on their bodies and how to address their physical, sexual, emotional health in addition to the incorporation of wellness. She currently sits on the advisory board for Ro Medicine, Women's Health Magazine, Abbvie, Myovant, Responsum, Hologic, Healthy and Healthline


As an advocate for integrative wellness, she incorporates holistic practices in her  model in medicine that are designed to support health in body, mind, and spirit. Through her training and experiences  she has a combined  Western and Eastern approach to support the normal healing mechanisms of the body.


She is an expert in her field, she has now expanded her reach to keynote talks and her national appeal has allowed her to work on women’s health issues with celebrities including Sheryl Crow, Ciara, Brooke Burke, Erin Andrews, Dr. Jackie Walters from Married to Medicine, Catt Sadler and Laila Ali.  



  • Minimum 3 months meditation experience

  • Have an interest in personal development

  • Fill out Application

Sign me up!


  • Attend Meditation Program Modules - 80 hours

  • Watch Monthly seminars and submit 300 word reflections on the material- 6 hours 

  •  Guide four different 30 minute meditation practicum using modalities of choice - 4 hours

  • Teach 3 Community Meditation Classes - 1.5 hours

  • Cultivate consistent personal practice

  • Submit practice videos of techniques, complete entries for self-reflection. 


Got questions? Send me an email.

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