1:1Coaching Program

The Intention Program: Life in Alignment

Priya has a deeper understanding of life and helps you see your life as a whole and not just as individual parts. She works with you to create less anxiety about the future as well as diminish regret for the past. Together you explore the waves of life that include fear, avoidance, doubt, questions, worry, overwhelm, and uncertainty.

Over time with her help you begin to listen to your own inner guidance. This type of coaching activates your power by teaching you to trust your inner voice , access your true potential and make transformational changes in  your life so that with action and compassion you start to create a life that you desire for yourself.

Working 1:1 with Priya explore the different parts of wellness ranging from emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, relational, mental, and physical to see where you are out of balance.

This program is for you if you

  • Feel discomfort or uneasy and can’t quite put your finger on why       

  • Feel disconnected from yourself, lifeless, or given up on the concept of possibilities 

  • You are unsure of what steps to take and feel stuck       

  • Hide behind safe realities instead of stepping out into purpose       

  • Are unable to explore the full range of human emotions      

  • Don’t have defined core values        

  • Struggle with the question, “who am I’        

  • Need encouragement, empowerment, and accountability.