Stability Beyond Overwhelm

Are you feeling stressed, out of control, or overwhelmed?

Times are uncertain, but this year has been especially painful for all of us. The global pandemic is stressful and poses a threat to our mental health and well-being. 

If you've felt isolated, experienced the loss of a loved one, or are afraid of losing your job, you're not alone. These feelings, unfortunately, are common during Covid. The majority of us have elevated rates of depression, anxiety, and other types of psychological distress.

One of the most common mental health conditions that affect Americans today is anxiety. The feeling of sadness, anxiousness, and constant worry can be debilitating. When you are stressed, you can also feel overwhelmed. It's our natural response to confronting difficult circumstances in life. 

Almost everyone experiences these emotions, but these feelings of overwhelm can become a part of daily life for others. It can negatively affect your day-to-day activities and even block your ability to enjoy life. 

If you experience racing thoughts, how can you overcome the tightness in your body and the panic in your mind? 

What do you need to manage your stress?

This workshop will help get you grounded--help you find stability and clarity when you're overwhelmed. One effective way of reducing anxiety and dealing with stressful thoughts is learning how to get and stay grounded. 

In this live virtual workshop, you'll receive tools to manage and reduce your stress no matter what difficult situations come your way. You'll understand how to pay attention to and identify what's going in your body and mind healthily and lovingly. You'll begin to feel calm and at peace with yourself. 

Unburden yourself from anxiety by joining us in this live virtual Zoom workshop presented by Priya Patel of The Intention Table. Bring back your sense of control and happiness, and be free. 

 take control of your stress:

You’ll reduce anxiety and experience clearer thinking

You’ll release obsessive thoughts that keep you up at night

You’ll have more compassion for yourself and others

You’ll slow down and avoid burnout

You’ll have the space to explore and express your emotions

You’ll take steps to have more effective and positive relationships
You’ll quiet your mind so you can be more present
You’ll know which tools to use when you feel stressed and anxious