What if you could relate with your students and clients in new and powerful ways that impacted them beyond their sessions with you?

If you’re searching for unique and inspiring ways to connect with your students and attain a new dimension of safety and empowerment in your sessions, then this program is for you.

As a yoga teacher or mental health practitioner, you interact with individuals from all walks of life with different needs, experiences, and life obstacles.

Your students come from different backgrounds—and different life obstacles can leave them feeling detached, unmotivated, or disconnected from their self-esteem.

By learning how to use new resources that create psychological, emotional, and physical security within your sessions, you can empower and inspire your students in entirely new ways.

You’ll learn fundamental shifts you can make immediately in your language, choices, and power dynamics that can strengthen your students’ sense of self and make your classroom a safe space for healing and growth.

You’ll develop invaluable insights on how to keep your students’ present throughout your sessions.

You’ll help your students reach their highest potential by allowing them to feel autonomous in their decision-making.


You’ll create an environment for your students to begin the journey to create safety within themselves.


Traumatic experiences can alter the way a person interacts with others and the world and how they feel about themselves.

The aftermath of trauma can leave individuals feeling dissociated, disconnected, and detached from their self-worth and sense of safety.

As a yoga teacher or mental health practitioner, it’s important to be able to meet your students where they are—and to understand the impacts of trauma and how it affects the mind and body.

Learn how to create an ideal environment for your students that fosters healing and recovery.

✓ Week 1: Insights into Empowering Language

✓ Week 2: Playing with the New Guide to Power Dynamics

✓ Week 3: The Transformational Gift of Choice

✓ Week 4: Empowerment Beyond the Seen and Known

✓ Week 5: Overcoming Barriers to Safety—Inside and Out

What to expect from this interactive, engaging Workshop:

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